Traditional Thai Massage & Bodywork in Portland, Oregon - Erin Wright, LMT   OR Lic #14062

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This three hour session gives you the opportunity to receive a therapeutic spot specific treatment and a systemic whole body massage all in one session.

This two hour session is tailored to the individual, providing a systemic whole body Thai massage for deep therapeutic healing, relaxation and health.  The time can also be spent receiving spot specific work on injuries, aches and pains.

This 90 minute session is the minimum amount of time needed for a full body treatment.  You can also choose to spend this time receiving a longer spot specific treatment.

This one hour session is designed to target specific areas of trouble such as ongoing chronic aches and pains as well as injuries.  Your session may include the use of Thai stretching, deep tissue, hot herbal compresses, fire cupping, scraping, liniments and balms.

This 90 minute session focuses on the use of hot herbal compresses for the majority of the treatment.  The compresses are wonderfully aromatic gentle, nurturing and healing.

To receive this treatment you must have a prescription from a medical doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist or osteopath.  Along with your prescription you will need to bring your claim number and contact information for your adjuster.  Insurance will be billed for this treatment.
This treatment will focus on the injury/injuries sustained during the accident.  The session will include the use of hydrotherapy (hot herbal compresses) and may include the use of Thai stretching, deep tissue, fire cupping, scraping, liniments and balms.

This three hour session is a great opportunity to bring your spouse, partner, friend or roommate into a session with you to learn bodywork techniques to use on each other.  This time can be spent learning how to work on problem areas to get some relief between your appointments or learn how give a systemic full body massage.  All you need to bring with you to this appointment aside from a partner is an open mind and willingness to learn new things.

*Prices are reflective of payment at time of service.

All treatments must be paid for at time of services with either cash, check or credit card.  Cash or check are preferred.

Packages are available by request.  Sliding scale rates are also available for those who truly need them, just ask!

Health Savings Account cards are accepted and receipt can be given to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

I also accept insurance for motor vehicle accidents, along with a prescription from a medical doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, physical therapist or osteopath.

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