Traditional Thai Massage & Bodywork in Portland, Oregon - Erin Wright, LMT   OR Lic #14062

   I first experienced the benefits and importance of massage as a teenager. Plagued with chronic back pain, I began to receive massages weekly and grew to understand the importance of self care and maintenance of our bodies.  At this time I knew that massage would always be an important part of my life.

   I first encountered Thai massage while traveling through Thailand in 2002 and truly fell in love.  I tried to get a massage every day.  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  Not only was it intense and deep work but I also left each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  During this trip I not only fell in love with Thai massage, but I also fell in love with the people and the food!  I was hooked!  I'm not sure at the time I realized how important and influential Thailand would become to me, but I knew it was a very special place.

   Four years later, I began to study massage at East West College in Portland, Oregon.  It was here, I was given the option to take Thai Massage as an elective--needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity!  In the fall of 2007, I returned to Thailand with my teacher Allison Longstreth Lurie, this time to learn.  The country was as wonderful as I remembered; however, this trip was one of new beginnings, and when I began to realize my true passion for Thai Massage.  I returned from this trip with a lot of knowledge, but also with a thirst to learn more.  It was at this time that I found my way to the Naga Center, where I met my teacher Nephyr Jacobsen.  At the Naga Center I have had the opportunity to study not only Thai Massage and Medicine, but the theories and history behind the art, which has led to a much deeper understanding of Traditional Thai Massage.In January 2009 I went back to Thailand, this time studying with Pichest Boonethume and Homprang Chaleekanha, both amazing teachers that I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to study with. 

I am lucky enough to able to travel back to Thailand to delve deeper every couple of years.  I am also very grateful that my teacher  travels to the states so that I may continuously keep up with my studies.

   I would like to give a special Thanks to all the teachers who have shared their love and knowledge of Thai massage and medicine with me Allison Longstreth Lurie, Nephyr Jacobsen, Pichest Boonethume, Homprang Chaleekanha and Reusi Tevijjo Yogi.

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