Traditional Thai Massage & Bodywork in Portland, Oregon - Erin Wright, LMT   OR Lic #14062

New Location Coming Soon......

Starting April 4th I will be in my new location 2262 N Albina Ave #132

Traditional Thai Massage is an aspect of Traditional Thai Medicine and is believed to have grown from the practice of Reusi Da Ton. Reusi Da Ton is the self care practice of the Yogis of Thailand.  Thai massage has been a part of everyday preventative and well-being treatment in Thailand for thousands of years.  

There are many components and tools that may be used in a Thai bodywork session.  For this reason each treatment will be unique in that it will focus on the individual needs of each client. Thai massages may incorporate techniques such as compression, point work, passive stretching and working the channels of the body.  They may also include the use of tools such as hot herbal compresses, tok sen and cupping or scraping (known as gua-sha in Chinese medicine).    

Sessions can be therapeutic and focus on specific areas of discomfort or it can be gentle, nurturing and relaxing.  What you need from your massage is what you will get.

Benefits of Thai Massage are:

  • Improves circulation, flexibility and muscle tone
  • Increases joint range of motion and mobility
  • Assists in injury rehabiliation 
  • Helps alleviate chronic pain
  • Decreases stress and muscle tension
  • Restores and maintains one's sense of balance and well-being

A Thai massage session is done on a mat on the ground and both client and therapist wear loose, comfortable clothing.  I recommend wearing sweats or yoga pants and a t-shirt.  In the winter wear warmer clothes as your body temperature will drop during the session.  Please do not wear short shorts or skirts.

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